Write, Design & Publish a UI/UX Case Study for your Portfolio

Whether you want to land a new job, grow your credibility as a designer, or just share your work with the creative community, keeping your portfolio up to date is incredibly important. It can be tempting to finish all the hard work on a project and then just move on… but it’s well worth it to take some time to craft a compelling case study for each project that you do, whether it be for a personal project, a project for a client, or as an in-house designer at a company.

In this class, I want to help you take all that awesome (sometimes messy) work from your recent project and shape it into something that tells a story and highlights your strengths. You’ll be able to use this process for past projects, and projects to come.

This class is meant for UX & Product designers at ANY level. Whether you’re looking to up-level a project from school, display your first client project, or you’ve been in UX for years and want to start laying out your case studies with a little more intention, the videos that follow will help you come out with something you’re proud to show off.
I loved this course with Maddy. She's created a complete roadmap to getting your project on Behance. I loved how the lessons were short but actionable and you end the course with an awesome looking project. Maddy thank you so much, I can't wait to see what other classes you create!